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Our Mission

Biohack Your Way to Holistic Health

ProNatural Plus™ was born in Vancouver, Canada, in 2019 out of our deep passion for discovering, researching and creating innovative solutions for the health supplement market. ProNatural Plus™ provides innovative biohack solutions to overcome key challenges that impede your path to holistic health. We use the science of epigenetics to biohack your genes and actually alter how they behave over time, creating long-term positive changes in gene expression and health.

Our Unique Benefits

What Makes ProNatural Plus Unique?


The Science of Epigenetics

Our products are designed to biohack your genes based on the science of epigenetics and create positive changes in gene expression and health. We are the first and only supplement company in the world to base our formulations on the science of epigenetics. For example, KETO CURB modulates changes in leptin and ghrelin gene expression for long-term changes in appetite and body weight.


Formulated for Holistic Health

Our biohack health products are designed and formulated with Holistic Health in mind. When researching and developing our products, we look beyond the physical body and encompass the 5 elements of holistic health into our product line, which includes; physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health.

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